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embody your wild

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Step into a realm where setting intentions becomes an act of rebellion, fueled by curiosity and a fiery spirit. Allow your boldest desires to take shape, unbound by limitations or societal norms. By embodying divine wisdom, and the transformative power of the universe, you enter a path of extraordinary potential. The key is to engage with intention, openness, and a sense of reverence for the celestial energies that shape your life's journey. 

Here we will explore Planetary Alignment, Astrological Timing, Ritual Preparation, Planetary Offerings, Symbolic Language and develop a regular practice that reinforces your connection to the planetary energy.
This could include daily affirmations, meditations, or simple actions that embody the qualities you seek to activate.
No prior knowledge of astrology is required.

Rituals and practices are designed to enhance your connection and understanding allowing you to embody the energies. Learn to trust your own inner guidance and adapt these practices to fit your spiritual beliefs and way of life.


Ignite your intentions, harness the power within, and let your rebel spirit guide you to the extraordinary.

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