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How to bridle your dragon

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

To begin, you must know that this is not an endeavour for the faint or feign of heart.

A dragon is wild and does not take kindly to being constricted or manipulated. Every dragon holds immense power, and gaining entrance into it's world requires an understanding and balancing of these forces. There is much to consider before you approach a dragon. For instance, what kind of lair does it live in? Is it a fire breather or does it spew water like a tsunami? Perhaps it dwells on lofty jagged ridges of mountain tops or deep down in caverns below the earths crust? I have a fire breathing dragon whose lair is high above the tallest of mountains. It is easier to approach when I speak to it with curiosity and interest in its ideas about my creative ideology and my desire for freedom. These are subjects that we share in common. I cannot command or rule over this wisest of beings. If I were to approach brash and demanding it would become scattered and restless. The fire would begin to build within its belly and I would likely be its target. I have a few scorch marks from the past that remind me well of its primal force. If I want to continue to succeed in bridling my dragon I need to match my dragon with the same passion, creativity and desire to thrive with an untamed enthusiasm that propels us forward. Of course, there are many more layers to my dragon but this was the frame work I used to establish trust to bridle the beautiful beast.

Through the years of trial and error I have acquired no end to the transformative bequest of personal growth and evolution while engaged with my dragon.

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