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Once upon a time, I wrote: if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, how did I end up on Neptune, of all places. Yes, that's where you'll find me, embracing the mysterious and metaphysical aspects of life. My journey has been filled with countless encounters with déjà vu, synchronicity, psychic phenomena, and the paranormal. Gradually, I've come to realise that these strange occurrences are perhaps more commonplace than we think.

With a significant amount of planets jammed in Aquarius I've sought to unravel this metaphysical world that we often ignore or deny. My love of astrology all began after a reading at the age of 18—a mind-blowing experience that left me craving more knowledge. I yearned to understand how astrology worked, how it could unveil such intimate details, and how it seemed to know me so well. In that moment, I felt truly seen, albeit a little naked.

Since then, my journey has been a continuous exploration—a never-ending story—where life, magic, and astrology intertwine. Each day brings forth new perspectives, revealing fresh lenses through which to perceive myself and the world around me. Over time, I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge, until my living-my-best-life toolbox was overflowing. Now the day has come to share that knowledge with you.

Welcome to a place where dreams are paramount, and learning to play with the resources in the toolbox, magical.

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